Report SFS Partnership | 29 Feb 2024

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Almost two years have flown by, and as we step into the second half of FOODPathS, now is the perfect time for a recap of all the materials, knowledge, and tools we’ve generated so far. Whether you’re a policymaker, a citizen, a researcher, or another player in the food systems, there’s something valuable here for you (that you might have missed!). So, let’s dive in together and explore the wealth of resources available!

The Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Partnership
Let’s start with the heart of it all: the SFS Partnership. Set to be established in 2024, it will fund R&I initiatives aimed at

transforming our food systems, making them more sustainable for the environment, the climate, and the people. But here’s the catch: this ambitious endeavor can only succeed with the active involvement and support of all stakeholders—from farm to fork. That’s where FOODPathS comes in! We’re here to facilitate discussions, explore strengths and limitations, and ensure that the SFS Partnership benefits everyone involved. In fact, FOODPathS will co-create a “prototype” partnership model by 2025, serving as a blueprint for future collaborations. Curious to learn more? Check out our leaflet for an overview of the project and its relationship with the SFS Partnership.

The Founding Members
Who will be part of the SFS Partnership? And how will R&I initiatives be funded? Initially, public entities like EU Member States ministries and national/regional funding agencies will lead the charge. But the ultimate goal is t

o attract new funders and resources, including private entities, to accelerate the transition. To this scope, FOODPathS has actively explained and promoted the importance of becoming part of the process, trying to leverage the interest of more actors. In fact, the project has organised a series of events – called Funders Forum (here an article about all the meetings organised so far) – with different typologies of potential funders, such as private foundations and regional actors. Some of these entities also joined the Funder’s network, that gathered actors that might be potentially interested in becoming funders of the SFS Partnership (and some of them will be, indeed). Want to join the movement? Dive into our leaflet to discover why and how you can become a funder. Still have questions? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with a dedicated FAQ document!

Bringing Stakeholders Together
Beyond funders, “inclusivity is key to the success of the SFS Partnership. That’s why FOODPathS is dedicated to bringing all actors in the food systems to the table. We’ve studied successful partnerships at various levels—local, regional, national, European, and international—to identify case studies to learn from and replicate elsewhere. Additionally, FOODPathS interviewed relevant stakeholders of the sector to explore what are the existing barriers and challenges to the inclusion of all actors and how to motivate them in partnering together. The insights emerging from the analysis of replies collected are summarised in a leaflet, but it’s not over: its content will be discussed during Mirror Groups, where stakeholders will identify actions to tackle the existing challenges.

Education Matters
Funding, R&I activities, stakeholder collaboration—these are essential, but they’re not enough. For real change to happen, we need to integrate concepts and knowledge into our education systems. Through workshops with educators at all levels, FOODPathS is assessing how well our current education systems support the transition to sustainable food systems. Soon, we’ll share guidelines and recommendations on how to strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration and improve education systems.

The Best Is Yet to Come!
This is just a glimpse of what FOODPathS has achieved so far, but there’s much more to come! Stay tuned for the unveiling of our partnership “prototype” at a public event in 2025. How can you ensure you don’t miss out? Simple—keep following us! You can register (Homepage, at the bottom) for updates via our database or connect with us on LinkedIn and X (@SciFoodHealth, #FOODPATHS). Better yet, join the Sustainable Food Systems Network community platform and engage directly with our team!

With FOODPathS, the journey to sustainable food systems is just beginning. Join us and be part of the solution!