FOODPathS in action

“FOODPathS will catalyse collective actions that lead to future sustainable food systems in Europe – at the same time, we want to reinforce the rich cultural food heritage of EU Member States in a sustainable way!”

Hugo De Vries, a Research Director at INRAE and project coordinator of FOODPathS

Interactions between all actors are necessary to address the barriers that may arise due to their different perspectives and interests. To ensure all voices are heard, the project engages actors from across the food system to create the framework in which the Partnership will operate.

We have planned several activities that will allow us to connect with the different stakeholders in a more concrete way. These include:

  • Food Systems Living Labs: the FS-Labs will act as demonstrators of the partnership ‘systemic approach’ bringing public and private actors to jointly transform Food systems into Sustainable Food Systems (SFS), these structures will address the local diverse contexts through a bottom-up approach, having the aim of performing beyond the life of the SFS partnership
  • Network of universities: supporting knowledge transfer via improved training networks, courses and outreach activities.
  • Mirror groups: to include farm-to-fork voices in the building of an inclusive and transparent SSFS Partnership.
  • Funder’s network: We know that the big challenges for a Sustainable Food System can only be met if we work together, which is why FOODPaths strives to close the gap between the different funding organisations to accelerate the transition and deliver meaningful impact for all.