SFS Partnership Report | 05 Jul 2024

Workshop report on “Research needs and priorities for the transformation to sustainable food systems”

What are the research needs and priorities for the transition to sustainable food systems? This was the topic discussed at the workshop jointly organized by SCAR-ARCH (European Agricultural Research towards greater impact on global CHallenges), Food Systems and Bioeconomy. Find out more about the workshop and the report compiled from the suggestions of 120 participants from 32 countries below.


In January 2024, the Strategic Working Groups of the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR): ARCH, Food Systems and Bioeconomy jointly organised a workshop entitled “International Expert Consultation on Research needs and priorities for the transformation to Sustainable Food Systems at European and global level”.

The workshop brought together 120 participants from international research organizations, NGOs, national public authorities, funding organizations from 32 countries, as well as representatives of EU Institutions.

A workshop report has been prepared, summarizing the participants’ ideas and suggestions. All the contributions, ideas, views, experiences and insightful suggestions provided during the event have been compiled in this workshop report, which summarizes the findings rather than critically analysing them.

The following topics were discussed during the workshop:

  1. Safe and nutritious food and sustainable and healthy diets at global level
  2. Equitable and fair global transformation of food systems
  3. Improve resilience and food security at European and global scales
  4. Governance and policies for sustainable food systems

A policy brief based on the workshop results and including recommendations is currently being developed and is expected to be published in the next months.

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