SFS Partnership | 05 Jan 2023

What does FOODPathS do? Read this article!

What does FOODPathS do? What is its relation with the SFS Partnership? Whast shall we expect from this project during the next months? Read the replies in this article!


FOODPathS has recently published an article in the EDMA’s Project Repository Journal (PRJ), an open access publication dedicated to showcasing funded science and research throughout Europe.

In the Volume 16 of the journal (published in February 2023), you can read about the main scopes of FOODPathS and how the project will support the establishment of the European Partnership Sustainable Food Systems, also highlighting the work done for creating a Forum of entities interested in funding this initiative. Moreover, the article provides an overview on the future activities to be implemented by the project during the next years.

To know more, you can read the article clicking here: enjoy!