Report | 29 Jan 2024

New Report: Food 2030 Research and Innovation – Pathways for action 2.0

Explore the future of food in the latest update on the European Commission’s Food 2030 initiative


European Commission’s Food 2030 initiative emerges as a guide toward a sustainable future. The latest publication not only provides a comprehensive update on the initiative but also sets the stage for future reflections on research and innovation policies.

The publication outlines eleven impactful pathways for action that align with the core principles of Food 2030. These pathways offer tangible solutions at various levels, from local communities to the global stage:

  1. Governance for Food Systems Change
  2. Urban Food Systems Transformation
  3. Food from the Ocean and Freshwater Resources
  4. Alternative Proteins for Dietary Shift
  5. Food Waste and Resource-efficient Food Systems
  6. The Microbiome World
  7. Nutrition and Sustainable Healthy Diets
  8. Food Safety Systems of the Future
  9. Food Systems Africa
  10. Data & Digital Transformation
  11. Zero Pollution Food Systems

These transformative Food 2030 pathways are not merely theoretical. They are being actively deployed through Horizon Europe, the EU’s framework program for Research and Innovation (2021–2027). This program provides vital funding to support a large number of projects and initiatives (such as FOODPathS) both within Europe and globally.

The modernisation of these pathways was a collaborative effort, supported by a participatory expert workshop held in Brussels on March 10, 2023. Around 90 experts, each bringing unique backgrounds and experiences to the table, collectively shaped the way forward.