| 19 Dec 2023

How European Food Value Chains Drive Sustainability: Insights from the Valumics Project

How do European food value chains function? What are their impacts for more sustainable, resilient, fairer, and transparent food systems? Read it here! 



The 4-years Valumics project addressed this question by exploring the interconnections withing five selected case studies (wheat, dairy, beef, salmon, and tomato), highlighting the need to consider the food system as a whole.

The final conference of the project was held on 21 September 2021, where key findings were presented, fostering open dialogue on the results and possible policy solutions. Project results were obtained through the application of specific tools, such as predictive scenarios and transition pathways, policy and governance analysis, mapping of material and information flows, life cycle assessments, economic analysis, and consumer behavior studies. Through the use of these tools, it has been possible to delve into the complex organisation of food value chains while also recognizing the need for a food systems approach.

Specific outputs of the projects were:

  1. Supply Chain Insights: Identified critical points in the food supply chain where waste occurs most, highlighting areas for targeted waste reduction efforts.
  2. Consumer Behavior Impact: Explored how consumer choices contribute to food waste, informing strategies to promote more sustainable consumption habits.
  3. Innovative Solutions: Evaluated new technologies and strategies to minimize waste, emphasizing cost-effective and environmentally beneficial approaches across the food value chain.

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