SFS Partnership | 18 Jun 2024

FOODPathS urges EU policymakers to prioritise food systems transformation

A declaration has been signed by FOODPathS and its Advisory Board Members to urge EU policymakers and all food system stakeholders to prioritise working towards future sustainable food systems: read it here!


During the project mid-term meeting, held in Seinajoki (Finland) in June 2024, FOODPathS and its Advisory Board members signed a declaration calling on all EU policy makers and food system stakeholders to commit to working towards future sustainable food systems, setting out the necessary steps for the EU to honour its flagship Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy as a central pillar of the Green Deal.

Among the others, some of the key points identified by FOODPathS and its advisory board members, representing the diverse food systems actors, are the following:

  • Inclusive governance on local, national, European, and global levels is a prerequisite because food systems are highly complex with strong interdependencies with its societies, economies, cultures and landscapes
  • A Food system approach aids in sustainability transition
  • Food system progress monitoring and sustainability indicators will show food system performance. This is crucial because of the efficient use of resources and the trust in institutions.

The full text of the Finland FOODPathS Declaration is available clicking on the button below; meanwhile, here you can read the press release.