Report | 13 Feb 2024

FOODPathS Survey: how to support systems approach in R&I funded projects

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The Coordination and Support Action (CSA) FOODPathS aims to prepare the ground for the future Partnership on Sustainable Food Systems (SFS), which will play a crucial role in realising the sustainability ambitions outlined in the Farm-to-Fork Strategy and the overarching Green Deal.

Central to this ambitious vision is the funding of Research and Innovation (R&I) projects through joint transnational calls. However, the path towards sustainability is not a linear one; it requires a holistic approach. To achieve impactful results, the future Partnership must support funded projects in implementing a systems approach. A systems approach, as embraced by FOODPathS, signifies a departure from linear thinking to complex system thinking. In the context of the food system, it means acknowledging and understanding the intricate interactions between all elements related to the production, processing, distribution, and consumption of food.

To identify measures that will foster a systems approach and support the goals of funded projects, FOODPathS is reaching out to the organizers of support measures (managers, coordinators of EU projects) and the project partners themselves, mainly researchers. The aim is to establish a robust catalogue of support measures, including but not limited to trainings, webinars, networking events, and policy activities. These measures will not only emphasise systems approaches but also focus on community building, capacity building, and creating commitment to the Partnership.

This is where YOU come in. Your insights are crucial to shaping the future of R&I projects and contributing to the success of the Sustainable Food Systems Partnership. By participating in the FOODPathS survey, you become an integral part of a community working towards a resilient and sustainable food future.