| 31 Jan 2024

FOODPathS joins the FOOD 2030 Networks

FOODPathS joins forces with other EU-funded projects, working together for a more sustainable food system!


The EU-funded project – CLEVERFOOD – is developing the FOOD 2030 Online Platform as part of its efforts to organise a joined-up approach to transforming the food system for the benefit of the people and the planet. The platform will be the home of two networks: the FOOD 2030 Project Collaboration Network and the FOOD 2030 Connected Lab Network. FOODPathS joined the FOOD 2030 Project Collaboration Network, and up until now it has collaborated with CLEVERFOOD in the creation of a joint session during the FOOD2030 conference, working together to build inclusiveness and discuss about systemic approaches for transforming the food system at the local, national and European level.

The collaboration network will also aim at expanding the project’s network and join forces with like-minded projects; share successful practices and explore synergies; receive targeted support and develop new competences; collaborate on activities and organise joint events; showcase the project’s results and maximise impact; influence policymaking and inform future EU legislation.