Report | 11 Jan 2024

Bridging the Gap: JPI HDHL’s Vision for Transforming Food Systems and Health

Curious to understand JPI HDHL’s key role in bridging the gap between the health-focused ERA4HEALTH partnership and the Sustainable Food Systems Partnership? Read their new position paper


HDHL (A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life) is a Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) including 17 countries from within and outside of Europe that have been working for 13 years to ease the alignment of national Research & Innovation strategies and to fund new research activities, in order to facilitate the understanding of the relationship between diet, physical activity and health.

In its new position paper, JPI HDHL emphasises the need to transform our food system, not forgetting health inequalities, food insecurity and diet-related diseases. While policies address food system change, they often overlook connections to human health research. JPI HDHL, as a partner in the FOODPathS project, is committed to bridging the gap between food and health, with a specific focus on the two EU partnerships dealing with food and health: ERA4HEALTH and the Sustainable Food Systems Partnership. These initiatives are pivotal for ensuring that food systems become more sustainable and can deliver healthier diets to European Union citizens.

By emphasising collaboration and synergy between health-focused and food system-oriented partnerships, JPI HDHL aims to drive transformative change.

In an effort to bridge this gap, the Joint Programming Initiative is launching a new work plan focusing on four areas of activity: a think tank, an exchange forum, facilitating communication between food and health, and a research impact multiplier.

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