External event | 06 Dec 2023 | Brussels, Belgium

CBE JU Stakeholder Forum 2023

Interested in what’s next in the bio-based sector? Register for the CBE JU Stakeholder Forum 2023, you have time till the 24th of November!


The bio-based sector can play a crucial role in building more sustainable food systems, as emphasised by Simone Maccaferri, an advisory board member of FOODPaths, in a recently published video. So, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the first CBE JU Stakeholder Forum, that will take place in Brussels, on December 6-7, 2023.  Thanks to this, you will gain a deeper understanding of the bio-economy and its potential to create more sustainable food systems.

The discussion will revolve around around three questions:

  1. Stimulating Demand: Explore how to drive demand for circular bio-based solutions and encourage industries and consumers to adopt bio-based products, drawing insights from successful models.
  2. Boosting Investments: Examine strategies to increase investments in the bio-based sector and secure financing for scaling up bio-based production in Europe, with lessons from successful financial engineering examples worldwide.
  3. Research and Innovation: Discover the necessary Research & Innovation (R&I) efforts to maintain European leadership in the bio-based sector and identify R&I priorities for the next three decades. Explore emerging technologies vital for global competitiveness.

These discussions will be grounded in real-world examples and lessons learned. Additionally, in-depth sessions will cover:

  • Skills Development: Define future skills and identify gaps in the bio-based sector’s workforce.
  • Supporting Young Researchers: Hear from emerging talents and understand the support they need to contribute to the growth of circular bio-based industries in Europe.

This event promises a rich array of activities, including interactive sessions, targeted workshops, and ample networking opportunities. The full programe and other information about the Forum are available here.

Registrations are open till the 24th of November.