FOODPathS event | 06 Nov 2023 | Valencia, Spain

FOODPathS @ 37th EFFoST International Conference 2023

EFFoST2023 will showcase the latest scientific discoveries and technologies to obtain new ingredients and foods. FOODPathS is organising a session during the conference: discover the programme and register!


The 37th EFFoST International Conference 2023 will take place in Valencia, Spain, from 6 to 8 November. The conference will explore how innovation and technologies can accelerate the transition to sustainable food systems that ensure food security, nutrition, and health.

In this context, FOODPathS will host a session on the 8th of November, titled “FOODPathS ‘Modus Operandi’ at the Living Labs. Food for Life-Spain Case Study“. This session aims to show one of the tools to be used by the future Partnership Sustainable Food Systems to ensure that all the relevant stakeholders are represented and, even starting from different perspectives, they can converge into the food systems sustainability: the living labs.

In particular, the session will focus on the successful case study of the Food for Life Spain Technology Platform. Indeed, invited speakers will provide insight and engage in a discussion on the Platform modus operandi, showing how the challenge of its active maintaining and development (both of the network itself and of its members) was successfully tackled.

If you are planning to attend the EFFoST conference, join FOODPathS in this discussion!